I need someone to Share/Split/Go in On a 2B Apt/House with me (South/East side of Charlotte)

Okay I am tired of all the Scammers with Listings about having a room for Rent/Share, but really all they want is your Email address and/or your Phone # so they can sell them and/or send you tons of spam emails/phone calls.
They are easy to spot since most of them have the Phone #/Email address in BOLD type set...or if you reply to their Listing they will reply back asking for you to call them or give them your "Real" email address...and then there are the ones that say stuff like "click on this link to go register so you can get more information" but what really happens is once you click the "link" you are infected with Malware and they grab all of your Info...

Sooooo, instead of wasting my time replying to Listings, I'm making one of my own:

I'm looking for a person to rent a 2 Bedroom (with a W&D) place with me. Either if you already have a place and need a roommate or if you would like to look for a place to rent together is cool.
I am a Straight white male, pretty laid back, no drama, no drugs, no pets and no crazy ex's. I've lived in Charlotte for 26 years.
I get a Guaranteed Direct Deposit the 3rd of each month from the Government so my half of the bills is covered, plus I work a part time job for "fun money".
I'd like to stay on the South or Southeast side of Town, away from the "Hood" like areas, but if you have or find a place in a different area we can check it out.
I have some fairly nice furniture sitting in my Storage unit (see 1st pic)...microfiber couch & ergonomic chair with footstool, coffee table, end table, 40" TV with a Surround Sound system, CD/DVD player, Butcher Block Dining room table w/4 chairs, plus everything to fully equip a Kitchen: pots & pans, silverware & utensils, plates, bowls, glasses, cups, Toaster Oven, Crock Pot(s) 1 big & 1 small, a brand new (2 weeks old) huge Air Fryer, a brand new Rice Cooker (still in box) and this brand new fancy as chit Ice Coffee/Latte/Cappuccino machine that I'm still working on figuring out...lol, I had a nice Microwave but one of the Morons where I live at now, put an Aluminum Foil dinner in it and fried it !! but hey we can get a new one at Walmart for less than 50 bucks, or you might have one.

BTW I really want to find a place with at least a 1 car garage because I have Two 150cc Scooters (see 2nd pic) that will run 55mph, and I like to keep them secure. Plus I need to have a place to work on them if something goes bad. And hey if you can prove to me you can ride safely, I have no problem letting you ride one of them when our group goes for cruises.
So basically all you would need is your own bedroom/bathroom stuff, but your welcome to bring along whatever else you may have...it would be cool though if you have a car/truck/van, cause I don't ride my Scooter in the rain or snow unless I absolutely have to and even though my fat Trunk lets me carry a lot of stuff, there is some stuff I just can't bring home.
If you think this is something you might like to do, shoot me a message and we can set up a meeting somewhere convenient to us both so we can talk about it.
Don't ask for my Phone # as I will assume you are a Scammer and Report/Block you.
Just ask where and when we can meet up by telling me where you are at and where you would like to meet. We can talk right here in Email to figure out where/when.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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