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Male Professional Looking for Feb-June (South End - Dilworth Etc)

31M Working Professional, relocating to Charlotte to open an office for my company. I am looking for a temporary spot near or in the South End as that's where the office will be. I am engaged, however I am not bringing my life along with me until Summertime. This could be an ideal situation, as I'll be bringing my clothes etc. If you have any furnishings I am way interested. May ask you for an initial hand carrying something in if I need to buy a bed, etc.

About me:

Timeline: March - July/August (flexible)
Smoking: Negative, quit years ago.
Drinking: Quit Years ago. My lady drinks, I managed a night club in SF for years, you do you. No weirdness. Not a religious thing. Just not for me anymore. Will gladly accompany you to bars while you look single and dangerous.
Drugs: Nada
Uptight Level: N/A. Love to chat, am easy going. Big respecter of weeknights, work times, and keeping it quiet during off hours.

Cleanliness level: Not a clean freak. However, I was raised right. I don't leave my dishes in the sink, I imagine you are the same. I clean up after myself, keep all common areas clean. If you like to never do dishes and leave a mess, we won't get along.

Rent: Always on time. Goddamn, you are going to get a knock like one or two days before the rent is due, and I'm going to be like "hey, here's that rent. Let me know if you need anything." And when your friends ask me after I walk by how I am, you'll be like "the guy pays his rent on time." And they will nod wisely.

My Overnight guests: I am engaged. My fiance will likely make an appearance for a few weekends, maybe a weeks' stay sometime in the 4-5 months. I think anything over a week is excessive and calls for extra cash in your hand.

My vibe: I work hard. Sometimes after a long day I want to hit the gym, come home, zone out on some PC games etc, or watch a flick. We can grab dinner. I'm a decent cook and would like full use of the kitchen. If you need a ride to the airport, I'm your man. If you get in a tight spot, I am a known deliverer of a "solid". If your mom comes over to visit I will let her know how fucking awesome you are and what a good job she did raising you. If you have some crazy ex who pops around I will sound the alarm and batten down the hatches. I got you, the rent, and the quiet time down.

What I don't jive with: Gross hoarders. Non-shower tribespeople. Significant other's who aren't on the lease, don't pay rent, and are over 24/7. Falling down drunk every night roommates. Goddamn slobs. Loud wild nonsense in the weekdays. Animals that aren't looked after. Eating someones food without asking. Immaturity. Not asking to borrow my cocaine. JK.

Look, if you're a working professional looking to sublet/lease a room or an apartment, and you need a no-problems person who is easy to get along with then I'm your ideal. If you are young and its your first time out of the nest, you are brimming with the need to get buck-fucking wild, then I'm probably not the ideal.

I've been on Craigslist since forever, so no scam attempts, we both don't have the time.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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