Long haul and even longer haul (SHELBY, NC)

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933 Thore Road
compensation: please reply with your bid and phone number - yes, BOTH please!
AllwoodOutlet.com is looking for a party to transport one or two identical wood crates. One customer is in East Alton, IL and the other one all the way in Hayden, ID. You can leave bid to haul just either crate or both.

The crate dimensions are shown in the first posting image. The weight of each crate is 795 lbs. Forklift loading at our warehouse in Shelby, NC. Manual unloading by you in each destination, estimated to take about 1/2 an hour. Each crate contains a small playhouse kit with delicate parts. Hence the manual unloading. The driving distances are A) NC to IL direct is 682 miles B) NC to ID direct is 2445 miles C) NC to IL and then to ID is 2471 total miles. This haul is ideal for a small box truck or a small van.

Payment is made only by PayPal or Zelle immediately upon proof of delivery. IMPORTANT: We also need you to bid. We have several of these last-mile hauls going on every day and - with respect - simply have no resources to reply to "what can you pay" type messages. Please also leave your phone number. You may have the best bid but if there is no phone number, changes are that someone else may get the booking.

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