Small Town Couple Praying To Adopt (Harleyville)

To be honest we had no idea what to write here. We Googled how to write potential adoption posts so many times and each time we were overwhelmed with the results. They always seemed to come down to making your post perfect and better than everyone elses.

That's just not what we wanted, we don't want to "beat" another potential family. We know how hard this is already and how long some families have to wait. We also know that some families eventually just give up the search. That is why it was our mission to never purposely take an adoption opportunity away from another family.

While we can't promise you that the child we hope to adopt will always get everything their little heart desires, we can promise that he or she will never go without. We aren't rich but we manage just fine. We may not always be able to buy her the newest handbag or him the newest sneakers. However I can guarantee that he or she will never wake up unsure if they are wanted or loved. I can promise you is that they will have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 1 great grandmother, 6 aunts, 3 uncles, various great aunts, great uncles and a whole slew of cousins who will cherish them! They will always have a loving family in their corner, backing them every step of the way.

We can promise millions of memories that they will never forget. Things like fishing with grandma, exploring nature with grandpa, hunting, building things with dad, their first pony, riding lessons from mom, their first outdoor picnic, carnivals, camping trips, school dances, ballet recitals, sleep overs, football games, science fairs, family dinners and everything in between.

We've tried for almost 6 years to have a child on our own. Knowing our odds we've always talked about adoption and fertility treatments. After multiple miscarriages... those topics became a much more realistic options. After talking it over... with the price of fertility treatments being so high and it not being guarenteed we just knew it wasnt for us. Adoption seemed impossible. Agencies charge so much because theres so much work involved. However sadly that wasnt a option for us. But I knew I wanted a child not to mention all the children whose parents are forced to make on of the most difficult decisions in their lives... and that's what made our decision. We knew then that we wanted to adopt so we settled on a private adoption. We want to provide a child with a family that treasures them more than anything in the world.

Our dream has always been to have a child of our own and we are hoping that this reaches the right person, a person willing to give a small town South Carolina couple a chance to become the amazing parents we dream to be. Who knows where or when the right person will see this. But we have faith that things will work out! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

If you are thinking of potentially placing your newborn or toddler up for adoption please feel free to message us! We would be happy to talk to you and answer any questions. We are open to twins as well. We would love a closed adoption but are absolutely open to certain open adoption agreements! We want the "birth parents" happy and comfortable with their decision so we are absolutely willing to work with you on different aspects! Thank you again!

Frank & Casey

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