Looking ASAP for Private Owner Apt/Home (Charlotte, NC)

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening,

I am looking for a privately owned apartment/home with a room to rent. I was renting in an apartment community in South Charlotte. It has been bought out from its previous owner, and the new owners are raising the rent. I can afford it with no issue; however, I refuse to pay over $1000 for this apartment as the appliances have not been updated, the apartment is old, and there are no amenities to equal the value of what they offer as the new rental price.
I am looking to live in your space at least 6-9 months an me at the most 1 year.
I am weighing my options for what I want to do. I must be a good steward of what I have worked hard to achieve.
I have an eviction on my rental record because I lost my job in 2017, and my roommate, who I had at the time, chose to leave. He told me the day rent was due and left a day later; I could pay it regardless, but it left me in a bind. I take full responsibility for this because I should have been prepared. Eventually, after working two part-time jobs, the bottom fell out, and I could no longer pay the rent. Since then, my life has improved, and I am in a much better place financially. This is why I am looking into options for a new residence instead of paying more where I am now when I know it is not worth what they ask.
I am a genuine, down-to-earth person; I am 47 years old, black male, single, no children, churchgoing, and as I stated before, I am employed. I work two full-time jobs; one job I work from home. I am quiet for the most part. I hope that will be okay. You probably would only know I was home if you saw my vehicle outside. I love cooking, music, weekend trips (when I can), Monopoly, UNO, and reading.
Reading is my first love.
If you want to know more about me, please contact me, and we can chat it up and see if we are a good fit.
The best time to reach me by cell is Monday to Friday between 11 am- 2 pm. You can text me any time of day until 7 pm. Any texts after that will be answered the next morning.
You can email me anytime.
Thank you for your time.
Scammers, PLEASE stop wasting your time.

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