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Crafting Durable Solutions Since 2010 –
Quality Metal Structures and Roofing

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Looking for expert metal structure solutions in North Carolina? 311 Metal Structures &Roofing is your go-to source. From metal buildings and roofing to concrete foundations andDIY kits, we've got you covered.

18x20x6 Carport

Original price $2,300

Sales price $1,995

18x45x12 RV Cover

Original price $10,807

Sales price $9,150

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30x40x12 Building

  • 3 - 10x10 Roll-Up Door
  • 1 - Main Door
  • 1 - Window
  • All Vertical with Wainscots
  • Full Insulation
  • 40 Year Warranty Metal
  • 4” concrete pad with footers
  • Free grading

Original Price $33,340

Sale price $28,380

24x30x10 with 12x30x7 Lean-To

  • 2 - 10x8 Panel Doors
  • 1 - Main Door
  • 1 - Window
  • Roof Insulation
  • 4” Concrete Pad with Footers
  • Free Grading

Original Price - $23,831

Sales Price - $20,219

Call 336-895-1109 for more details!

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