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Oct 1 We are Liberals! pic map

Oct 1 How Conservatives Argue (tax cuts to the elite creates jobs, they say map

Oct 1 Paranoid Fantasies About Obama map

Oct 1 Anyone Who Believes... pic map

Oct 1 We Are the Puppets... pic map

Oct 1 Labor is Entitled to all it Creates pic map

Sep 30 Ed Griffin on the Left / Right Paradigm (Recommended)

Sep 30 True Brotherhood, Love, Equity, Common Ground (Not Oppressive Tyranny w/ a Marxist Face)

Sep 30 They Rob a Dead Man's Grave.......................

Sep 30 Certain women abusing the justice system; perjury; lying to officials; (lying under oath)

Sep 30 Humans Have Destroyed 50% Of Earth's Wildlife In The Past 40 Years

Sep 30 CHEAP ARTISTIC BANNER SIGNS; From $10 Dollars. 21", 36" x 3', 6', 8', (charlotte) pic map

Sep 28 "Playing the Race Card" does not equal "being a racist demagogue" map

Sep 28 Conservatives and Ayn Rand (Realityville) pic map

Sep 28 Right Wing Leaders Foment Racial Resentment and Point Fingers to Avoid pic map

Sep 28 Accusing Others Of Playing "The Race Card" Does Nothing To Advance... pic map

Sep 28 Racism is not a card game pic map

Sep 28 Hitler was a right-wing Conservative (Truth) map

Sep 28 Why I am a Christian Democrat (United States) map

Sep 28 Hi, I'm a Tea-Partier pic map

Sep 28 Don't like liberals? pic map

Sep 28 What you vote for when you vote Republican pic map

Sep 28 Farcically far right follies pic

Sep 28 Sorry Conservatives, Science Says You're Stupid pic map

Sep 28 Muhammad Ali - Racial Integration

Sep 28 Vietnam Veteran / Army Ranger Retires Becasue of Obama: Tells (Everything About America's Future)

Sep 28 What Is Wrong With White People? (Is Obama Trying to Start a Race War)

Sep 28 Priorities on Upholding the Constitution Gone Astray: (Ignorant and Manipulators Always Play "T)

Sep 28 Michael Savage - Gangster Calls The Show - Part 1 (Defend Israel)

Sep 28 Instant Justice Compilation (Goons Will Post More Trash Above This)

Sep 28 Geraldo: Media Has 'Wretched Double Standard,' Covers Trayvon But Not (Black-on-White Assault)

Sep 28 More Conservative Logic (Reality) pic map

Sep 28 Conservative Heroes (Reality) pic map

Sep 28 Conservatives Being Scammed pic map

Sep 28 What Do Conservatives Seek to Preserve? map

Sep 28 World War 3 (United States)

Sep 28 Scientific Studies: Extreme Conservatism Linked to Racism, Low I.Q. map

Sep 28 Chicken Hawk Ted Nugent pic map

Sep 28 Republican leadership personally profiting from tax inversion deals pic map

Sep 28 Conservative Heroes (Reality) pic map

Sep 28 Conservatives Are Awful Liberal With Their Bias pic map

Sep 28 Conservative Logic #3 pic map

Sep 28 More of Rand Paul's distractive distortions! pic map

Sep 28 Paranoia, self-destroyer pic map

Sep 28 Donald Sterling, Cliven Bundy and the ugly face of GOP policies pic map

Sep 27 Violent Liberal Mob of Union Goons and Obama Thugs Attacks Wisconsin (State Senator)

Sep 27 RESPONSE TO AD TITLED: "To the person who keeps saying I'm posting.. (distractions")

Sep 27 Low IQs, Conservatism Linked To Prejudice pic map

Sep 27 Carlin explains Conservatives pic map

Sep 27 Cardinal Rule in American Politics pic map

Sep 27 Right Wing Leaders Foment Racial Resentment and Point Fingers to Avoid map

Sep 27 Accusing Others Of Playing "The Race Card" Does Nothing To Advance... map

Sep 27 Racists calling people who point out their hate racists map

Sep 27 FNC's Brit Hume rips left-wing 'habit' of equating disagreement with (liberalism with hate)

Sep 27 What a sick, twisted, anti-spiritual distraction from real problems (sickos who "play the race card")

Sep 27 Trying to give liberals leadership choices; do they want accord (for both sides? **They want war)

Sep 27 Left-wingers: do not look at yourself in the mirror. (Do not watch this video.)

Sep 27 Conservative Group Involved in Voter Fraud pic map

Sep 27 Right-Wing Militia Announces Racist -- And Illegal -- Voter Suppression pic map

Sep 27 Violent Conservatives Kill Cops pic map

Sep 27 Right-Wing Extremists: More a Threat Than Al Quaeda pic map

Sep 27 For Those Who Think Michael Savage Is Principled map

Sep 27 Michael Savage totally wrong on Zimmerman case facts map

Sep 27 You! Yea you! pic map

Sep 27 Savage with the truth map

Sep 27 A Wealthy Capitalist on Why Money Doesn't Trickle Down map

Sep 27 America's White Supremacist Problem map

Sep 27 We, the paranoid: A history of U.S. conspiracy theories pic map

Sep 27 Declaration of Independence Is Not Law map

Sep 27 To the person who keeps saying I'm posting "distractions" map

Sep 27 SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center officially declared "left-wing Hate (Group)

Sep 26 Something Everyone Should Consider (Reading is Fun-to-Mental)

Sep 26 FBI Agent: Attack is Coming & White House is Aiding the Enemy! (Beyond Left vs. Right Bullcrap) pic

Sep 26 ARMAGEDDON! Radio announcer struggles with funny story!

Sep 26 Michael Savage Rips Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Liberal White Guilt

Sep 26 Burnt Out on the Government's Spy vs. Spy Deadly Fantasies? (You Should Be)

Sep 26 How Liberals Argue (Islam is a religion of peace - they say)

Sep 26 How to Stop Arguing Moot Points, Forcing Foreign Agendas (Psalm 133)

Sep 26 Some "leftist" dictatorially flagged a Constitutional post, so it's (fair that "leftist" ones got flagged)

Sep 26 Firearms Public / Private (Charlotte) map

Sep 26 Obamacare a Huge Success map

Sep 26 Only 36 percent of Americans can name the three branches of government pic map

Sep 26 Obama Shits On Americans And Dumb Blacks, Whites , and Latino's Get Up (I Vote for the Dr. of Common Sense)

Sep 26 Better than a European sports car. The fruits of collegiate education ( the snarling left vs. right fight)

Sep 26 Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite! (What's "Reality" vs. Your Humble Opinion?)

Sep 26 Total War "Kill Your Local Drug Dealer" (A Song with True Purpose)

Sep 26 Knockout Game Player Marvell Weaver Gets His Ass Shot in Michigan

Sep 26 3 thugs get knocked out by 2 suits.

Sep 26 Black Thug Shot Playing Knock-Out Game in Lansing

Sep 26 I Don't Think Anybody Wants a Bunch of Pot Smoking Hippies Running the (Country)

Sep 26 Drag queen beats up drug dealer (Social Justice is Powerful at Times)

Sep 26 Another definitive need for firearms to fight evil men: "Sam Childers" ("Sam Childers")

Sep 26 What if?? What if pre-WWII Germany had a Strong Citizen-Militia??

Sep 25 Voter Registration Drive - Plantation Park Apartments - Today! (Charlotte-Ballantyne) pic

Sep 25 JOHN F KENNEDY (charlotte nc)

Sep 25 twinkle twinkle little twink map

Sep 25 The Truth About Money & Not Propaganda

Sep 24 Hillary Clinton's staff told to hide any documents that could make her (inner circle look bad on Benghazi)

Sep 24 Tea Party Intelligence pic map

Sep 24 freedon or censorship map

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