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Study Confirms That Fox Is Dominant Source of 'News' on the Right pic map

Hitler was a right-wing Conservative (Truth) pic map

Cuts to Food Stamps, $22 Billion to Fight ISIS pic map

Right Wing Leaders Foment Racial Resentment and Point Fingers to Avoid pic map

When Facism Comes... pic map

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican map

So, you call your self a "Patriot"... pic map

Conservative Group Involved in Voter Fraud pic map

Kochs are trying to buy the Senate pic map

How right-wing paranoia is driving new wave of radicals map

How Old Are You, Mr. USMC?; You Posted RE: "Gun Worshipper"?? - Now (That's Seriously Pusing It)

Poli Sci Grad Student In Need Of Assistance pic map

Kay Hagen Stole Our Money

Obama is not protecting Americans

The Agenda 21 Disinformation Campaign in the United States map

They Rob a Dead Man's Grave.......................

Government Scientist Fired for Telling the Truth-UN Agenda 21 (Be sure to warp and twist this one)

Marx & religion (Karl Marx's hateful opposition to freedom of religion

re ****Well, if people insist on debating "left against right"..

The U.S. Is Number One -- But in What?

Humans Have Destroyed 50% Of Earth's Wildlife In The Past 40 Years

Conservatives Versus Liberals pic map

****Well, if people insist on debating "left against right".. then how (about some basic definitions?????)

RE: "Gun Worshipper"?? - Now That's Seriously Pushing It (So Much Over map

What's happening in the gun debate pic map

Violent Conservatives Kill Cops pic map

Conservatives and Ayn Rand (Realityville) pic map

Let us not be afraid pic map

Church Musicians Needed (Destiny Church - 5312 Rozzelles Ferry Rd)

Highland lynx pure bred !!! (charlotte) pic

Calev Myers on Understanding UN Bias Against Israel, The Jerusalem (Institute of Justice)

"Gun Worshipper"?? - Now That's Seriously Pushing It (So Much Overt Propaganda)

Conservative Accomplishments pic map

Drag queen beats up drug dealer (Social Justice is Powerful at Times)

3 thugs get knocked out by 2 suits.

SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center officially declared "left-wing Hate (Group)

Where - in the Bible does it say: "Different people have different (interpretations of the Bible)

Ed Griffin on the Left / Right Paradigm (Recommended)

NRA News (Nationwide)

If you think baking cakes and inviting these people to church will (work, give it a try)

Right-Wing Militia Announces Racist -- And Illegal -- Voter Suppression pic map

We Are the Puppets... pic map

We're Number One!!! pic map

Right-Wing Extremists: More a Threat Than Al Quaeda pic map

Here is what happened on January1, 2014 map

Carlin explains Conservatives pic map


Chicken Hawk Ted Nugent pic map

Right Wing Leaders Foment Racial Resentment and Point Fingers to Avoid map

Obama's Coming for your guns!!!! pic map

Only 36 percent of Americans can name the three branches of government pic map

Conservative Logic #4 pic map

This Really Appears to be Proof that Weird Things Are Happening and (Going to Escalate..)

puppies needing loving homes. (charlotte)

Bad Education: How School Cuts Are Killing Thom Tillis

Americans for Prosperity's trail of voter misinformation goes far (beyond NC)

Jobless rates edge up after tax and spending cuts map

Low IQs, Conservatism Linked To Prejudice pic map

Liberals are so much in favor of love, peace, and equity..They accuse ("Violent Conservatives of Killing..)

Sorry Conservatives, Science Says You're Stupid pic map

communism for dummy's map

The Planet Just Had Its Hottest September On Record

After the election 3 things will happen. pic map


Labor is Entitled to all it Creates pic map

Conservative Texas Terrorist Planned Murder And Robbery Spree pic map

Capitalism Versus Socialism pic map

Anyone Who Believes... pic map

A Wealthy Capitalist on Why Money Doesn't Trickle Down map

What Do Conservatives Seek to Preserve? map

Capitalist Elite map

Unions rule ! map

The Quiet Competence of Barack Obama (In the Numbers)

We, the paranoid: A history of U.S. conspiracy theories pic map

Question: North Carolina Governor 2016 (Charlotte)

I Don't Think Anybody Wants a Bunch of Pot Smoking Hippies Running the (Country)

Total War "Kill Your Local Drug Dealer" (A Song with True Purpose)

Farcically far right follies pic

adorable puppy $200 (charlotte nc) pic

How Conservatives Argue (tax cuts to the elite creates jobs, they say map

In Defense of Obama

Hillary Clinton's staff told to hide any documents that could make her (inner circle look bad on Benghazi)

Conservatives Being Scammed pic map

Conservative Heroes (Reality) pic map

Conservative Logic #3 pic map

World War 3 (United States) pic

ARMAGEDDON! Radio announcer struggles with funny story!

For Those Who Think Michael Savage Is Principled map

Donald Sterling, Cliven Bundy and the ugly face of GOP policies pic map

Savage with the truth map

?? Is "BOOTS ON GROUND" guy a "fraud"?

Conservative Heroes (Reality) pic map

Something Everyone Should Consider (Reading is Fun-to-Mental)

How to Stop Arguing Moot Points, Forcing Foreign Agendas (Psalm 133)


Priorities on Upholding the Constitution Gone Astray: (Ignorant and Manipulators Always Play "T)

What Is Wrong With White People? (Is Obama Trying to Start a Race War)

Muhammad Ali - Racial Integration

Vietnam Veteran / Army Ranger Retires Becasue of Obama: Tells (Everything About America's Future)

Racists calling people who point out their hate racists map

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